Sunday, February 27, 2011

Road, Hills, Sky

Beyond the East the sunrise,
beyond the West the sea,
And the East and West,
the Wanderthirst
that will not let me be.'

Yonder the blue horizon lies,
And there by night and day,
The old ships come to port again,
The young ones sail away.

I know not where the white road bends
Nor what the blue hills are,
But I can have the sun for a friend
And for my guide a star.

And there's no end of wandering,
When once the voice is heard;
The river calls, the road calls,
And oh! the call of a bird.

And if you should ask me,
I could not tell you why;
But you can blame it on
The white road, the blue hills, and the sky.
- Gerald Gould, Wanderthirst

(Me - Piazza Michelangelo, Pisa, Stephanie & Leah - Boboli Gardens)


  1. Lovely photos...and beautiful verse, too! Thank you for sharing, Lauren!

  2. ummmm, would i be the old ship and you the young?
    love it.
    and you.